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French Press

You Will Need...

  • French Press

  • Coffee Grinder

  • 810ml of Filtered Water (203-205°F)

  • Wooden Spoon

  • 56g Course Ground Coffee

  • Scale 

  • Timer

  • Favorite Mug​

Brewing Notes



Grind Size

Grind settings will vary depending on the type and amount of coffee used. 

Immersion methods like French Press and Cold Brew typically use a coarser grind setting, as apposed to infusion brewers like the pour over or drip machines. It also requires an extended brew time to allow the water to penetrate those grounds and extract the coffee properly.

Our recipe uses a finer grind setting and focuses on extraction. We pour the coffee very slowly to minimize the amount of coffee fines in our final cup. 


1. Warm up the press

Add 50ml of hot water to your French Press before starting. Stir and let it sit there while you are grinding your coffee. This will pre-heat the glass carafe and keep the temperature of the water when extracting the coffee later. 

2. Measure and grind

Weight 56g of coffee with your scale and grind it on a medium setting, similar to a pour over. This would be considered as medium grind setting as supposed to a traditional coarse grind setting commonly use for a French Press.

3. Brewing

Discard the water the you previously used to warm up the press. Put the ground coffee in it and place the French Press on the scale. Add 200g of close to boil hot water or 205°. Set a timer for 4 minutes and wait.

4. Stir

After 4 minutes take your spoon and gently stir the coffee grounds on the top of the press (stir around 10 times). This will send those ground to the bottom of the cup and help with the plunging later.

5. Add more water

6. Press

Place the French Press on a table or sturdy surface and gently press the plunger down. Count 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi and so on, take your time and enjoy this part of the process. Avoid getting a dirty and muddy filters coffee.

Note: Do not press on the scale it damage it.

7. Serve and enjoy​

Grab your favorite mug and slowly pour the coffee into the cup​, the slower you do it the cleaner cup you will get. Try to get a thin pour that keeps the fines and tinny ground in the press and not in your cup.


Note: We recommend to serve the totality of the coffee in a different carafe, cups, or pitcher and not letting it sit with the used coffee grounds.


Pour Over




French Press



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