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You Will Need...

- Pour Over Brewer

- Paper Filters

- Gooseneck Kettle

- Grinder

- Scale

- Timer

- 20g Fresh Rare Bird Coffee

- 340g Water

- Extra Water For Rinsing Filter

Brewing Notes

Grind Size

Grind settings will very depending on your brewer type and the amount of coffee used. Cone Brewers like the V60 with their open bottom design will typically use a slightly finer grind, as apposed to flat bottom brewers like the Kalita Wave. Larger brews will also require a larger grind and extended brew times.

Paper Filters & Rinsing

Rinsing does a few things, it reduces the paper taste caused by the paper filters and heats your brewer and cup for added thermal stability. We recommend using bleached paper filters over unbleached, natural paper filters to reduce the amount of paper taste.


Pour gently in concentric circles starting in the center of the coffee bed and working your way to the edge and back again, repeating this pattern till your desired volume of water is reached. Avoid pouring on the sides of the brewer, missing the bed of coffee will cause the water to more easily bypass the coffee and decrease extraction.


Pre-wetting, also known as the bloom, is an important step in the brewing process. It allows the coffee to fully absorb water and degas so that it more evenly extracts during the rest of the brewing process.

Brew Time

Pouring quickly or slowly will have an effect on the overall brew time. To help with consistency, set time points during the brewing process to help adjust the speed of your pour. While brew time can indicate the need for a coarser or finer grind, it is always better to adjust the coffee based on taste. Use brew time as a reference for consistency not as an indicator of taste. A longer or shorter brew time will not always mean a bad cup of coffee.


Pour Over




French Press



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