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Art Shows at Rare Bird Coffee


Art in Photo by Michelle Wee at

We appreciate creativity in many different facets, including the visual arts. Our café space was designed with the intention of sharing such art from local artists in a three month rotating art show to exhibit their work, bringing life to our walls and recognition to these very talented creators. We hope that you enjoy their work as much as we do when you visit us.

Now Showing

Anna Hailstone

"Please Like Me"

October 16th - January 7th, 2023


These pieces wrestle to reconcile the whole and the individual. All of these squares together comprise a large breadth of emotions, and yet as you get closer to the piece itself, you realize how different, how distinct each puzzle piece and each emotion really is. I wanted to display this fabric of squares in a way that felt overwhelming, all-encompassing, but not suffocating. A space you could enter into and feel the immensity of blue since that is how emotions can and do typically feel.


Instagram: @lilhailart

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