Do you have parking?

Absolutely! We have parking behind our building as well as a rear entrance. Click here for more information.

Do you have indoor seating available?

Currently due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are not offering seating indoors, but we have some outdoor tables and seating available.

Do you sell ground coffee or can I have my coffee ground?

We can grind your coffee at the time of purchase per you request; this option can be found when adding coffee to your shopping cart. Please click here for our Grinding Policy.

Is your café open?

YES! Our café is officially open, and all we require is that you wear a face mask while inside our shop.

What size bags do you sell at the shop?

We have 12oz bags readily available, but you can order 4.5oz and 5Lb bags with in-store pick-up, or shipping from our web-site. However, we often have 4.5oz bags available in-store around the winter holidays.

COVID Related

What steps are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID 19?

We are following all recommended guidelines for food establishments by frequently sanitizing high-touch surfaces, and ensuring the use of face masks by all who enter our shop.

Can I bring my own reusable cup?

We care for the environment too! However, due to the current pandemic we are not able to accept reusable cups/mugs/travel mugs/bottles from customers.

Can I buy a cup of coffee or goodies to eat from the shop?

Yes! Through our website, you can order and pay before you come in to pick-up your coffee drink(s) and food. We do accept in-store contactless payments, but currently we are not accepting cash.

Are you accepting cash?

No, for the safety of staff and customers, we have moved to contactless payments.

Do I need to wear a mask when I come in?

Yes, everyone over the age of 10, must properly wear a face mask to enter the café.

Online Ordering

Can I pick-up my online coffee bean order at the shop?

Yes! during check-out simply select the in-store pick-up option from the shipping drop down menu. Please wait for notification that you order is ready for pick-up before coming into the shop. note: online-store orders are not available same-day, click here for current schedule information.

Do you still offer free local delivery?

Since we've reopened, we will no longer be making local deliveries. We've made in-store pick-up an available option, and are happy to have added curbside pick-up as well. All you need to do, is after you have parked in our rear lot, give us a call 571-314-1711, and we’ll bring your order out to your car.

When can I pick-up my online store coffee bean order if I select in-store pick-up?

For all online store orders, you will receive an email notification that your order is ready for pick-up. Please click here for our current roasting and order fulfillment schedule.

Can I purchase a bag of coffee beans with same-day pick-up, or with my café order?

Yes, we will have some 12oz bags of coffee beans available while supplies last, which will be listed on our café ordering site.

How do I get my Coffee Subscription delivered Twice Monthly?

Even though there isn’t a twice monthly subscription option, you can stagger two monthly subscriptions by purchasing them two weeks apart.

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