Is alcohol marked up on Handoff?

No, Handoff does not mark up or up-charge products. The prices you receive on Handoff are the exact same as if you were to walk into one our partner retail locations.

What are Handoff's operating hours?

Handoff's hours are subject to the delivery hours of our retail partners in your area. The app will let you know if you are attempting to place an order outside of hours. Feel free to schedule a delivery if that's the case!

What can I ask Handoff?

Handoff is very conversational and is always ready to get you your desired beverage(s). You can make simple requests, ask for recommendations & specials, or even ask for assistance. Check out some examples of things you can say here.

Can I have Handoff deliver to my current location if I am not at my home address?

Current location delivery is available exclusively through the Handoff app. From your iPhone or Android, simply state that you would like delivery to your current location when prompted. Manual address entry upon checkout is also a great way to make sure your beverages get delivered to the right place!