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Employment Application

Join the Rare Bird Team!

We are a specialty coffee roastery and café with an in-house bakery and a team of people that are focused on the craft of making great things to eat and drink. As a member of our team, your skills will grow and contribute to the creative environment that is ever evolving at Rare Bird Coffee Roasters.

Must be 18 or older to apply

Personal Information

Position & Availability

Employment Type
Applied Position
Baker position requires Saturday & Sunday availability
Baker Other Availibility
Bakers Hours
Barista position requires Saturday, Sunday & Monday Availibility
Barista Other Availibility
Dishwasher position requeries Monday & Tuesday
Dishwasher Other Availibility
What is your familiarty with specialy coffee?
Not sure, but ready to learn!I know a few brew methods.Starting my journey; been to a cupping or two.Taken a few classes; read up on coffee theory.Very familiar with coffee theory (Extraction, TDS etc.).
What is your level of work experience with coffee?
I'm new to coffeeHome baristaSome espresso experienceTrained barista1 year+ barista experience

References & Experience

Please provide three references of any supervisors or people that you have studied under (excluding family or friends). *Applications will not be considered without three complete references.

Rare Bird Coffee Roasters is an equal opportunity employer and will not base hiring decisions off of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious belief.           

Nonseasonal Position
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