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Environmentally Conscious

Making Impact


Reused Packaging Materials

Our front of house and kitchen get a lot of deliveries from suppliers everyday. We give a second life to the clean and usable packaging materials that come with them. 


Second Chance Plants

In a fast pace coffee bar is inevitable to crack, scratch, and break glasses or ceramic mugs.

We turn these accidents into opportunities to create vessels for plant cuttings that you can buy at our shop.

Second Chance Plants are available for purchase, ask your barista.


Coffee Grounds Compost Program

We close the whole coffee cycle, sending back the coffee to the soil. 

All of our espresso pucks, coffee grounds, tea leaves, and food residues are saved and storage in buckets that we later take to a commercial facility that uses it for multiple purposes.

Coffee grounds are available for customers, ask your barista.


Chaff Collection Program

Did you know that during the roasting process, the green coffee releases its "skin" which we call chaff? And that they get trapped in a different chamber in the roaster? 

This chaff can be used as compost and helps aerate the soil. 


Chaff is available for customers, ask your barista.



We make an extra effort to get merchandise that doesn't negatively affect the environment. One example are our T-shirts, that use a seaweed based inks made with a eco-friendly printing system.


Eco-friendly Supplies

From our coffee bags to our paper cups, we look for products that contain compostable or eco-friendly materials to minimize our footprint as much as possible.

Ask your barista to learn more about our sustainability efforts