Previous Artists

We have been so lucky to have so many talented artists show their work at our café. 

Michelle Wee

January 17th - April 17th

I have always been an artist—both in the physical act of creating pieces, but also in my spirit. I see the world in patterns, colors, and values. I feel a deep calling inside to create art and as I get older, the calling only gets stronger. My main inspiration is nature, predominately animals. My art is a blend between realistic and interpretive elements.

I work in many mediums but currently I am hooked on watercolor. The transparency of the medium creates luminosity and freshness. Painting in watercolor is a process of precision and detail, yet there is the element of spontaneity in the relationship between the water and the paint. 

My art embraces bold, vibrant colors. The colors in my paintings are not preplanned. They are a result of listening while I paint. It is meditative in nature and what appears on the paper is a personal response during the process.  

rainbow days_edited.jpg
rainbow days_edited.jpg

Lina Bhatti

September 21st - January 2nd

Aaghaz is a collection by Lina Bhatti. Lina is a part-time artist and a graduate student, studying anthropology. Her inspiration comes from different artistic traditions, folklore, and nature from her cultural background (South Asia). She utilizes different South Asian motifs and storytelling in her work.

Aaghaz means beginning in different South Asian languages. This collection marks Lina’s intro to her artistry - different mediums are used to create images that are meant to evoke emotions of sublimity, and to evoke imagery of South Asia. You’ll find embroidery pieces, block prints, and mixed media pieces in this collection.

Sarah Fessler

December 16, 2019  - March 15, 2020

As Life continues to change and morph, so does my vision as a quilter. The last two years have brought some serious health challenges and I find myself spending more and more time observing life outside the windows of my home. As the seasons change, they bring with them new color stories. I have tried to capture the essence that the seasons bring. 


I hope in during these dreary winter days we are now in, these quilts help bring you back to sunnier days.