Art Shows at Rare Bird Coffee Roasters

We appreciate creativity in many different facets, including the visual arts. Our café space was designed with the intention of sharing such art from local artists in a three month rotating art show to exhibit their work, bringing life to our walls and recognition to these very talented creators. We hope that you enjoy their work as much as we do when you visit us.

Lina Bhatti
September 21st - January 2nd

rainbow days.jpg

'Wonderland' 2020

Aaghaz is a collection by Lina Bhatti. Lina is a part-time artist and a graduate student, studying anthropology. Her inspiration comes from different artistic traditions, folklore, and nature from her cultural background (South Asia). She utilizes different South Asian motifs and storytelling in her work


Aaghaz means beginning in different South Asian languages. This collection marks Lina’s intro to her artistry - different mediums are used to create images that are meant to evoke emotions of sublimity, and to evoke imagery of South Asia. You’ll find embroidery pieces, block prints, and mixed media pieces in this collection.