Art Shows at Rare Bird 

We appreciate creativity in many different facets, including the visual arts. Our café space was designed with the intention of sharing such art from local artists in a three month rotating art show to exhibit their work, bringing life to our walls and recognition to these very talented creators. We hope that you enjoy their work as much as we do when you visit us.

Now Showing


Lia Ferro
"In the unconscious"
 May 2nd - July 31st 2022

Lia Ferro is an artist in the greater Washington DC area who largely works with secondhand and used materials in order to create more environmentally responsible art. Discarded or donated materials too often go untouched and sent to landfill. Lia’s process involves finding materials and creating her own inspiration from what can be found at a given time and working within the limitations of what is available.


In these works, Lia explores the intersection of societal systems and emotions through clear and abstract forms as well as the concept of internal conflict. These structures are employed on a daily basis but the power of which is often overlooked and unnamed. Lia's works are representative of hyper personal moments in the artist's experience but the viewer is encouraged to find whatever meaning arises for themselves. 


David Brosch
"The Art of David Brosch"
August 15th - November 13th, 2022

I am a long-time resident of University Park Maryland and a graduate of the University of Maryland where I received degrees in both Fine Arts and Architecture.  While I do oil painting, my artistic focus has become printmaking. I share a studio with four other printmakers at the Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel Maryland.  I also teach printmaking there at the Center. 


I have shown my artwork in many single person and group shows over the years.  For a time, I was a member of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters.  I have produced etchings and linocuts for eight different Washington Printmakers Calendars.  I have also designed and painted a large mural which can be seen in the State Highway Administration office auditorium in Greenbelt. 


My landscape artwork often features local places in the Washington area, but also of scenery found far beyond.   I am  always looking for landscapes and cityscapes that I find noteworthy and beautiful whether it be the Oregon coast shore or a view of a scenic spot while driving along a highway somewhere.


These color etchings are created in three different ways:  1) with multiple plates and a primary color added to each plate, wiped, and printed, 2) inks of multiple colors placed selectively on a certain portions of a single plate and printed, or 3) a single ink applied to a plate and printed and color added with pencils.  I work very traditionally; in fact some of the techniques I employ go back to Rembrandt, who was a great printmaker when not painting one of his oil masterpieces.


Creating these landscapes and, in some cases, portraits have been a way for me to enjoy my surroundings and to bring inner peace.  It is also my hope that this artwork will provide pleasure and a sense of calm for you.