Art Shows

To show our love for the art community, our fellow “Rare Birds,” we host a rotating three month art show that features local artists. We also hold two-week interim art shows that exhibit works from local schools and businesses. Each show is accompanied by an artist opening or closing, to give an opportunity for the community and artist to meet. Please check our events for more information.

If you would like to submit your art for consideration in one of our shows please fill out our artist submission form.



February 4 - May 4

Anthony Herfort

I was born and raised in Williamsport, a one-time “lumber capital of the world”, and the birthplace of Little League baseball. Having been exposed to the proud history of this city on the west branch of the Susquehanna and the homes of deceased historical figures on family vacations left a profound impression on me. I was unsatisfied with sanitized stories told on historical tours, the sterile preservation of founding fathers’ favorite rooms and the velvet rope separating me from them.

As I became interested in photography, I realized that I was documenting my own history and began looking for places and objects that told their own stories. I continue to shoot the places that are comfortable to me and the objects that I stumble across while in those places. I look for discarded items, abandoned buildings, and forgotten monuments. Through photography I am able to preserve my subjects in the state that I find them, and allow them to remain where they are, to continue to age and build a patina.

Although I have adopted digital techniques for many things through the years, I still think analog photography has its place. I appreciate the aesthetics of analog photography; there is a big difference between images composed of pixels as opposed to those composed of film grain. Manufacturers continue to produce beautiful films in many formats and a wide variety of chemistry. Although many effects achieved by analog photography can be replicated by digital, there is a more tactile, craft-driven feel to analog methods. The uncertainty of experimentation is lost in digital; there is no “Undo” in chemical processes, if you make a mistake, it may not be recoverable. This is one of the many things that keeps me interested.

All pieces in this show are untitled - analog photograph, archival inkjet print, silicon, wood molding, plywood, black spray paint, table top epoxy $800ea ~ please contact for purchase

@irving.jenkleman |



Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.02.15 PM.png

Melissa Barns

Show Dates: May 20 - August 18

Beneath a flurry of painterly marks...

...and unexpected diagrams, I consider these landscape paintings. Landscapes of a moment in time; memory translated into color palettes, texture and space.

The shape of trees, comforting shadows, future plans, old Kodakchrome slides, soulful music and lesser known poems are all ingredients for my work. I draw inspiration from the nostalgia of places I have loved and some I’ve yet to visit.

This combination of visual memory, sound and even smells, synthesize into color fields on my canvasses. Quite varied, the spark could be a mental snapshot of traveling through France or a memory of a childhood family picnic or possibly the sensory experience of the sweeping views of Big Sur.

My paintings are layers of sound, beauty and sentiment. The distinction between unexpected hues and exacting lines of simple geometry keep the work in balance. My goal is to create a playful visual space vibrating with energy and intention that draws the viewer in for closer inspection.

~ About MWB |


Mark Pacella

Show Dates: September 2 - December 1

Information coming soon…